Spider glass facade is a system for point-supported vertical glazing in which thermally toughened (tempered) glass sheets are used, in single glazing or in insulated glass. Laminated safety glass (tempered laminated glass) is preferable to be used in single glazing or as the outer sheet of the insulating glass units.

This system consist of a number of accessories with metal arms. At the end of each arm,a sheet of glass is fixed by the corners with a special screws. The vacuum between these sheets is filled up with isolators to overcome mechanical pressure and weather conditions.

The rectangular glass sheets have 4 or 6 countersunk drilled holes into which countersunk stainless steel bolts acting aspoint-fixings. The space between the glass sheets are filled with whether seal. The support elements that hold the fitting can be space frame,glass fin or tension cables.

System technology:

·The spider system offers practical solutions to glass assembly that no other system can provide.

·The used accessories can be mounted against metal frames or against glass fins and tension rods are used to pull these accessories together.

·Single,insluating and laminated glass can be used with the spider system.