Sliding Door

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Sliding Door

1.Varied aluminum frame suit many new construction and replacements.
2. Tandem rollers to ensure smooth operation.
3 A variety of hardware is available to satisfy the most demanding homeowner
4.24mm glazing means greater energy savings.
5.The slope sill is designed to channel water away from the door, while the dual weather seals create a barrier against the outside weather.
6.Transoms,sidelights and multiple sash configurations provide flexibility.
7.Integral interlock sash provides structural durability.
8.Sash accepts aluminum or steel reinforcement.
●Hardware and Screen:
Hardware: ROTO, HOPO, China’s famous brand is available
Handle set: With or without lock cylinder
Screen:Fiberglass screen (standard)
Screen frame:Aluminum roll form

●Common Configurations:

1.Argon&Low-E glass to enhance the thermal performance of the door.
2.Between the glass grids to provide the elegant appearance of divided light.
3.Custom colors and finishes.
4.Sidelight/transom units for special installations.
5.Cylinder key lock(optional).

●Colors Options:

1.Colors and patterns may slightly differ from which they appear here.
2.Windows frames are available in two colors(such as decorative exterior color with interior white)

●Glass Options:

*Low-E, Tempered insulated glass available also.

Wide varieties of sizes are available.We custom make all your doors.  For more details, pls email us or call us.
●Grid Pattern Options:

ROCKY uses a glazing method that allows the grids to be positioned between two pieces of glass. This eliminated having to remove the grids when cleaning the glass.

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