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Door Profile

All Types of Door Profiles
Sliding doors,Swinging doors, Folding doors,Lift sliding door. For replacement or new construction applications, chances are there’s a ROCKY building products aluminum profiles that’s been used to make that doors--by some of world’s leading fabricators and window manufacturers.

So we manufacture the ROCKY aluminum profiles for door systems that offer distinction, durability and advantages by design.

●The Advantage of ROCKY Aluminum Door Profiles Are Built In.
For manufacturers and fabricators offering high-quality, reliable and high performance building products, the ROCKY advantages come standard.
1.New Construction, Replacements or both.
2.Residential,Commercial Housing.
3.Thermal performance requirements.
4.Structural performance requirements.
5.Impact requirements.
6.Maximum insulated glass thickness requirements.
7.Compatibility with existing products.
8.Fabrication requirements.
9.Cost criteria.
10.Varied width frame depth to accommodate varying types of applications.
11.Thickness: 1.4-4mm.
1.Sliding Doors.
2.Swinging Doors.
3.Folding Doors .
4.Lift Sliding Doors .
●ROCKY Makes Aluminum Profiles That Make Sense For Your Window System.
Whether you’re developing a new window system, or building a new product out of existing designs,your aluminum profiles must exceed industry demands and surpass existing standards of durability and design for new construction or replacement windows.Trust a company that has engineered and extruded thousands of unique profiles for fabricators and manufacturers worldwide.
●Color Options.

1.Colors and patterns may slightly differ from which they appear here.

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