Window Rocky 71

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Window Rocky 71


1. Varied aluminum frames
2. Sashes
3. Glazing bead available in various sizes based on the glass thickness
4. Insulating glazing with 1 air space(double glazing) or 2 air spaces (triple glazing)
5. EPDM glass seal gaskets
6. Polyamide thermal bars reinforced with 25% fiber glass,fitted with insulating elements, specifically designed to reduce heat loss
7. Central “open joint” sealing gasket
8. EPDM internal rabbet gasket

9. Special under glass insulating gasket

●Hardware and Sealing:
Hardware: ROTO,
● Advantage:
1.Maximum thermal and acoustic insulation
2.Wide range of finishes
3.Top level design
4.Structural strength and stability
5.Easy maintenance
6.Durability and long life
7.Energy saving
●Opening Styles:

●Finishes and Coatings:
The most gratifying and creative part of purchasing windows and doors is definitely choosing the surface finishing or coating. The surface finishing is made using natural pigments with zero enviromental impact thus ensuring exceptional aesthetic results and durability such as mat,gloss and extra gloss anodized or sand effect paint,fantastic to be seen and touched.

●Glass Options:

*Low-E, Tempered insulated glass available also.
Wide varieties of sizes are available.We custom make all your windows.


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